Palm Kernel Shell, Advantages, and Disadvantages
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Palm Kernel Shell, Advantages, and Disadvantages
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Palm Kernel Shell, Advantages and Disadvantages – The environment is an important thing to take care of. Whether it is air, sea, and many more. However, the increasing number of people every day leads to the increasing needs of industries. That is why some issues appear once the industrial become bigger and their combustion of fuel started to result in enormous pollution. These issues lead to much research done for a better choice of fuel. One of the things that work to reduce this environmental impact is the biomass fuel. It is a fuel that resulted from the combustion of the palm kernel shell.

This idea might lead to good news for many industries. Not to mention that there are many supplies of the palm oil tree around the world. However, it is still important to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these resources. For those thinking to convert their industrial fuel into using a shell, the following paragraphs can help to bring some preliminary overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using Palm Kernel Shell

Start from the advantages of using the commodity. There are several lists of benefits to getting when decide to turn the fuel into using biomass fuel. The benefit including as listed below:

  • Natural Choice of Energy

Using palm kernel shell as an option for the fuel will bring us to the natural choice of energy. It is a good thing to select since anything natural will easier to get. Not to mention that this choice is renewable. As the data mention that tropical forest country will able to provide and supply

  • Huge Availability

As noted that many tropical countries in the world can supply this needs. Including Indonesia that covers 15 million tons of supply every year. This is a good thing that the shell is easy to renew every time the palm oil tree produce their fruit. Therefore, no more afraid of running out of stock anytime.

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  • The Same Combustion Rate with Wood

Research finds that apparently, a shell from the palm kernel produces the same combustion rate from wood pellet. This is good news, since for thousands of years’ people prefer to use the wood pellets as a combustion source of material which leads to the tree extinct. Through this research, a shell from the palm kernel will able to provide the same quality of energy and combustion for the industries.

  • Cost-Effective

Compare with the other types of fuel, using a shell will much more cost-effective and cheap. As many of the markets knowing that the cost to buy wood pellets is quite significant. Not to mention when the wood pellet becoming rare in the stock. Therefore, choosing the shell from palm kernel will help to reduce the cost significantly since the material cost is very cheap.

  • Environmental Friendly

Another advantage is the absolute environmental friendly benefit of this choice. Too many industries in the world lead to air pollution. The good news is that shell combustion reduces this possibility and provide clearer air in its surrounding. Hence, any risk of respiratory ill also can reduce. Furthermore, it also leads to less waste, so that the environment surrounding will keep clear and healthy.

  • Good Composition Quality

From the research, the composition of a shell from palm kernels contain good composition quality. Each shell brings enough percentage of calories that works well during the combustion. Furthermore, it has stable moisture content and less ash. Therefore, it brings a good result to the combustion system.

  • Resistance in Storage

Another benefit of choosing this material is its resistance during storage. With its maintain of moisture content, it leads to a long period of storage will not affect shell quality. It is a good thing so that the user will able to store the shell in a long period without worry about any change in the product. This is also another way to reduce the import and transportation cost to get the shell.

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Disadvantages of Using Palm Kernel Shell

Even there are many advantages to this type of fuel, there also some disadvantages that need to consider. This information does not purpose to avoid the use of biomass fuel. But, it is more to help the new user to prepare the solution before starting to use this kind of fuel. Overall, the disadvantages of the palm kernel shell are as listed in the following points.

  • Only Available from Tropical Countries

It has noted that palm oil tree farms will not be able to grow well except in the area of tropical countries. This leads Indonesia and Malaysia are the best supply of the shell. Furthermore, Africa is also listed as one of the countries that able to be the number one country to support this supply. This is due to the characteristic of the land that has enough summer climate with specific tropical weather. Hence, many cold temperature countries such as in Europe or America is failing to grow the palm oil tree plantation.

This issue can be a disadvantage for some countries, especially those that in Europe and the American area. They will be struggling to export the commodity from Asian and African countries that will lead them to trouble in case the exported is stopped. However, on the other side, it is a benefit for many developing countries in South East Asia and Africa. Since the opportunity to increase the economic growth to the export of the shell can be increasing.

Overall, from the information above it can be seen that using biomass fuel such as the shell from palm kernel will provide many advantages. Especially to the environmental side. Even though it might bring some disadvantages, but these issues can be solved with several suitable solutions. Therefore, those industries that care about the environmental and continuity of renewable energy, it is now time to change your needs of industrial combustion to this option. Rather than other types of fuel such as wood pellets, that can easily extinct within the next several years if the choice of using wood pellets for combustion is not stopped by today. Let’s make a change, for a better environment, use the biomass fuel!


Palm Kernel Shell, Advantages, and Disadvantages
21 Agustus, 2021
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