Grass Broom

Indonesian people are familiar with various kinds of traditional brooms, ranging from stick brooms, palm fiber brooms, coconut husks, glagah arjuna, to sorghum brooms. But slowly, these natural brooms are being replaced by brooms made of synthetic materials.

If you do not use a synthetic broom, the impression is not modern. Brooms made of natural materials are also considered not as good as brooms made of synthetic materials. Moreover, more and more families are now using vacuum cleaners to clean their homes.

Sorghum stalks are almost similar to tassels of rice. The difference is, the stalk of wheat is softer. Of course, not just any traditional broom can penetrate foreign markets.

This broom is made from wheat stalks that have fallen off (Gepyok). Then, the stalks are cleaned and dried in the sun.To make one broom, stalks of sorghum are tied with woven ropes to make them stronger and look beautiful. Then, the ends are combed so that they are neater and smoother.