What Is Palm Kernel Shell?
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What Is Palm Kernel Shell?
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What is palm kernel shell – The first thing appears about palm kernel shell probably will be related with bio-energy provided in the world. As we know that many years’ people in the world struggling in finding a suitable kind of energy that works to supports important things to be done. Starting from a simple work up to a complicated job, all require enough energy to perform the work accordingly. Of course, people might familiar with the use of other types of energy. But, bio-energy is known as a solution with many benefits. For those who feel the curiosity about this energy, the next paragraph will help to bring some overview of one of this kind.

About Palm Kernel Shell

If this is the first time you introduce the thing, then you will need to know further about the palm kernel shell. According to many knowledge, it is a kind of biomass residue produce from the shell fraction that is left after. It is a common waste from oil palm plantation but with a lot of advantages. That is why many industries decide to use this option as one of the best sources of energy to perform works on the factory and many more.

 According to some research, it has been proven that this shell works effectively to produce energy in an environmentally friendly way. This is one of the considerations of many industries in trusting the material as their main supply energy for daily working activities. Furthermore, compared to other similar biomass residues, this shell works better in providing sufficient energy with a lower impact on the risk and environment.

Benefit and Advantage

A bio-energy comes from the palm kernel shell works to bring various benefits and advantages. As mention previously, this shell is one of the suitable options to choose from in many factories to support the works of the machine and other industry activities. Some details of the main advantages from this type of energy are listed in the below bullet points.

Works as a Fuel

One of the amazing things from the material is the content. The content of pure charcoal in palm shells can produce quite high heat energy. Therefore, it is common to use the material as a raw material that works to bring some combustion in the boiler room. This is a benefit for an industry that require boilers to start up the machine. Hence, the shell is an effective choice of environmentally friendly fuel.

Mixed animal feed

High-calorie content can make palm shells to be used as a mixture of livestock food. But of course, it must be destroyed first in order to give an easy digest by animals. That is why many farms also choosing this shell to help them feeding some animals. Furthermore, it has good content suitable for some animal’s health.

Plant fertilizer

Another benefit to consider is that apparently, the shell can also be useful for the plants. A palm kernel shell can also be processed into plant fertilizer to increase the nutrient content in the soil. It is important to make sure that any plant that purposes for a business will need suitable fertilizer to help them grow accordingly. If you choose a friendlier way to fertilize your plant, than using the kernel shell might be one of the best options to try on.

Paving material

Roads lined with shells from palm oil crops can become harder. Therefore, you can use it instead of asphalt to harden the path. The cost is also certainly cheaper when compared to asphalt. However, this might not be being a common solution to perform in the country.

Handicraft materials

You can also use a palm kernel shell as handicraft material. It is one of the interesting things from the kernel shell since it works to re-use for another product. Your handicrafts will certainly be more interesting and attractive to buy. In addition, the selling price of handicrafts made of the shell is also of higher value. No wonder if some local places decide to optimize the use of the shell for various purposes of handicraft and accessories too.

Main Composition

It is also important to know the composition of this material. Some people might see the shell, but most of them are not really understand the main components of this shell. Therefore, the following list will help you to figure out the explanation of the composition.

Moisture content

Palm shells contain humid water content of about 8-11%. It is a good number to make sure that this stuff is kept humid in some types of temperature. Therefore, this shell is suitable for fuel that needs humidity to run well.

Ash content

In addition, this palm shell also contains ash for about 2-3%. Thus this makes the shell is more suitable for use as charcoal fuel rather than selecting other types of material.

Evaporation rate

Regarding the evaporation rate, apparently, this shell has a fairly high evaporation intensity which is about 69-70%. This means that the palm shell does not cause air pollution. It also a good mechanism that leads the shell to be effectively more environmentally friendly. Hence, it is a more way better solution for the industry to use this material rather than other options.

Activated carbon

There is also an active carbon content of about 20-22%. This activated carbon can be used to perform carbon dioxide absorption. In addition, this activated carbon can also be used for biogas purification.

The whole explanation above is quite clear to give perspective to a person that not really aware of the palm kernel shell. It is important to get a suitable replacement of currently available energy into biomass energy which is proven safer and more environmentally friendly. That is why considering to use this shell as one of a good idea to perform. No need to worry about ways of getting it for your industry. Make sure that you feeling sure to use these types of energy and provide a better environment for your company.


What Is Palm Kernel Shell?
21 August, 2021
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