Top Local Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in Indonesia
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Top Local Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in Indonesia
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Top Local Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in Indonesia – The needs of renewable energy are a current important concern. Mainly due to the increasing needs of the industry and a good brand new alternative to works with the fuel supply. For many years, the industries around the world decide to use various kinds of fuel, but not for biomass fuel. After several piece of research done and successfully performed, it is now admitting that palm kernel shell is one of the feasible options to help with the industrial demands but with a lot of advantages to getting.

Of course, to deal with the worldwide demand, Indonesia needs to perform the list of its top suppliers. In this term is that any supplier that able to reach the minimum quantity every month to send them overseas according to the demands and legal regulations. That is why not all the local suppliers able to be legal in the PKS association. Only those that fill the major requirement from the Minister of Trade will be able to supply the PKS accordingly through the available legal association.

About Palm Kernel Shell

The first thing to understand is the basic information about palm kernel shell. Many people might not aware that the shells of palm kernel trees are consist of two varieties. The first one is Dura, and the other one is Tera. A buyer needs to check whether the supply shells are dura variety or Tera variety. Since they are both physically a little bit different. Dura has a thicker thickness compared to Tera. Hence, if you aim to get the best combustion energy, then Dura is the best variety to choose from.

Another interesting fact about the palm kernel shells is that this option brings less ash content to the environment. This manages the air to keep clean and healthier. Furthermore, the moisture content of palm kernel shells considers low. That is why the commodity is suitable for long term storage. If you manage to save the transportation cost, then choosing to store a big number of these products for the long term will not be an issue.

How to Choose A Suitable Supplier

Before selecting the most suitable supplier, there are several things to consider carefully. Including if looking for a local palm kernel shells supplier in Indonesia. There are several good tips to follow to make sure the buyer getting the most suitable supplier with a good and trusted reputation. The following lists are several tips to choose suitable suppliers.

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Legal Certificates

The first thing to check if you plan to buy palm kernel shells is to make sure whether the supplier complies with legal certificates or not. Most of the suppliers in Indonesia shall register to the Minister of Trade. Therefore, to get an authentic certificate or letters on their registered company will be a good screening at first.

Member of Associations

The next thing you can check is whether the supplier is a member of a legal association or not. There are several legal associations in the country that helps supplier in dealing with the palm kernel shells trading. Therefore, becoming a member of an association might be giving good proof that the suppliers can be trusted.

Good Review and Trusted

If you manage to find out whether the supplier is credible enough or not, then the next thing to do is to check the supplier’s review. You can easily check on a trade forum whether your chosen supplier has a good track record or not. It is important to select trusted suppliers to make sure that you wouldn’t be dealing with any issues during the trade or transaction.

Constant Supply

Another thing is to check the supplier capability in providing the supply every month or every year. The supply will be depending on the area of plantation. Therefore, make sure to get preliminary information on the number of committed supplies from the supplier and suit it with your industry needs.

Easy Process

The last is to ask whether the trade process can run smoothly and legal or not. It is important to make sure you will get your commodity without any problems during the trading process.

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Indonesian Supplier Term and Condition

Another thing that needs to note is to make sure what are the common term and conditions in trading this commodity. Many new buyers are not aware of this information. So that in the end, they find difficulties to receive the products. That is why to get some preliminary overview is quite important before deciding to perform the trade. For information, the following lists are some of the important lists to noted when importing palm kernel shells from the country.

Levy Cost

According to the regulation, levy costs shall be paid by all suppliers as much as $15 per metric ton.

Custom Tax

A custom tax shall also pay for the commodity, currently, it charges for about $7 per metric ton.


Make sure to follow the Indonesian Minister of Trade regulation when deciding to buy palm kernel shells from Indonesia.

Legal Status

Make sure that the supplier has certified and legally prove to make sure that the trade process will be registered accordingly.

List of Top Suppliers in Indonesia

If we search carefully, there are several places and companies in Indonesia that manage to help to supply the PKS demands overseas. Some of them are committed to providing millions of tonnage every year to make sure that their company is proven capable and eligible as a worldwide supplier. Overall, at the moment there are several verified lists of palm kernel shell suppliers in Indonesia. They are including:

  • Tropical BioEnergy

  • PT Sultana Biomas Indonesia

  • PT Agro Mentari Jaya

  • PT Trexim

  • PT Shabeeh Energy Indonesia

The above preliminary information hopefully is sufficient to give some overview of the palm kernel shell suppliers in Indonesia. Start from the way to choosing the suitable suppliers, knowing the important regulatory, and up to get the local supplier lists for ease of the trading process. Hopefully, all of the information provided above will be sufficient to inform any buyer around the world about the easiness and the specialty of export-import the palm kernel shell commodity with Indonesia country.

Top Local Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in Indonesia
20 August, 2021
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