Top List of Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in The World
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Top List of Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in The World
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Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in The World – Nowadays, the use of palm kernel shell as an alternative for industrial fuel is a common choice. Therefore, the palm kernel shell trade including export and import around the world is commonly happening. Each year there are thousand tons of the commodity exported to various countries. While at the moment, the world noted that there are several countries committed as the palm kernel shell suppliers. For those that need to get preliminary information about the supplying countries, the following paragraphs will give a brief overview of the palm kernel shell suppliers in the world.


Africa is a large country with many forests and savanna. This is one of the great strengths of the area to manage to develop huge palm oil tree plantations. Furthermore, Africa is an area with some numbers of underdeveloped countries. This makes any activities is important and priceless to help the country able to develop and increase their people to live better. By exporting several commodities, it helps to bring income for the country and their peoples too.

One of the countries in Africa that manage many palm oil tree plantations in Nigeria. It is commonly known that the country can be the number one supplier in the world. This is due to their biggest plantation area in the world. Plus, the biggest number of human resources that help to work in this area at a very low cost. The weather in the country is also suitable to grow the plant very well. This leads to a good quality of palm kernel shell produced every year. That is why many countries prefer to import the commodity from this country. It gives big advantages to get supplies from the area, as the total cost is considered the lowest than other places in the world.


The next country that able to supply the palm kernel shells needs in the world is Indonesia. As a large country in South East Asia, Indonesia has many areas to grow some huge palm oil tree area. It is known that palm oil trees can grow well in a tropical country. The number of suns and perfect summer weather is a great resource to help the palm oil tree to develop very well.

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Indonesia arranges the export trade of palm kernel shells through several legal associations. One of the famous association is through APCASI (Asosiasi Pengusaha Cangkang Sawit Indonesia). This helps the buyer and supplier meet in a legal trading process with a legal cost and tax too. From the association, it also manages the same low cost of palm kernel shells from each legal local supplier to every country around the world.

The quality of palm kernel shells from the country is also not doubted. Since the research shown that Indonesian palm kernel shells contain enough calories to produce sufficient numbers of energy. Not to mention that the ash level of the commodity is quite low. Therefore, selecting the palm kernel shell from Indonesia consider as a perfect choice for many countries. It also notes that every year all the suppliers from Indonesia committed to supplying up to thousand tons of palm kernel shells. It leads other countries to trust Indonesia as one of the biggest palm kernel shell suppliers in South East Asia.


Not far from Indonesia is Malaysia. As a neighboring country, Malaysia is also located in a tropical area. Perfect land to grow the palm oil tree very well. However, the resources are not as much as in Indonesia. Even Malaysia needs to get resources from other countries. This makes the overall cost to produce the palm kernel shell is a slight bit higher. However, the increasing needs of palm kernel shell force many countries also rely on Malaysia. Therefore, this country manages to serve the export trade of palm kernel shells from many years ago. It even mentions that Malaysia is the second biggest supply from South East Asia that able to deliver a constant number of palm kernel shells every year.

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Another country in South East Asia that successfully produce thousand tons of palm kernel shells every year is Thailand. It is not surprising since the country is famous for its fantastic beach and islands. That is why the possibility to develop a huge palm oil tree plantation in this area is very high. Not to mention that Thailand has a perfect climate and weather to grow the palm oil tree.

Currently, Thailand can provide several suppliers to manage to export the palm kernel shell commodities to other countries. The low rates of their plantation workers also lead to a low final cost of the palm kernel shells price from this country. That is why many of the American and European countries prefer to get supplies from this exotic area.


Even though it is a small country in South East Asia, but surprisingly Singapore also able to manage to supply palm kernel shells for several countries around the world. As a country with great weather, there are several places in Singapore dedicated to planting the palm oil tree. Even though the number of the forest might not as significant as other South East Asian countries, but the number of palm oil tree plantation in Singapore consider sufficient to manages some export. Therefore, every year Singapore successfully sending hundreds of tons of palm kernel shells to several countries in America or Europe. As a country located in the world trade shipping route, it helps Singapore to perform its export easier with less cost to deal with.

Those all several top lists of palm kernel suppliers around the world. It is hoped that all the countries will able to keep their supply constantly for the next future years. So that the needs of palm kernel shells in major countries, such as in America or Europe, can be accommodated very well. Including the palm kernel suppliers in Indonesia, which consist of many lists and have been proven their legality nor the quality and quantities too.

Top List of Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers in The World
21 August, 2021
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