The Demands of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
21 August, 2021 by
The Demands of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
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The Demands of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell – The demands of fuel in various industries has led to several innovations to manage related issues. Including the quantity of fuel, renewable issues, environmental, and of course the matter of supply. One of the newly invented alternatives is by using biomass fuel. It is believing that this kind of energy will work effectively with less risk to the environment. Therefore, much research about this matter has conducted several years ago to give a concrete solution.

One of the common best options is by choosing the use of palm kernel shells. Not only provided in enough quantities, but it also solves the problems of environmental and helps to provide a renewable choice of energy. Since then many of the countries around the world trying to cultivate the palm oil tree to help to supply the needs of palm kernel shells as a biofuel. Including in tropical countries such as Indonesia, that has been growing this kind of tree from many years ago. In such a tropical country, palm oil trees successfully growing well and result in numerous numbers of palm kernel shells. This become one of the reasons why Indonesian palm kernel shell is knowing as one of the best source and quality in the world.

The Demands

As the industries increasing, the needs of the biofuel supply also increasing. This leads the demand for exporting the palm kernel shells from Indonesia is rapidly increasing too. It is not surprising that within the last several years, this alternative has become a favorite option. Since the number of other fuel resources is limited, plus the cost also significant. Hence, the choice of using palm kernel shells as a replacement option for the industries fuel becoming the best option to do.

From these needs, many countries then looking for suitable countries that able to help the big supply of shells every month. One of the considered countries is Indonesia, that also listed as a formal country that able to manage many supplies to other areas. Hence, Indonesia is starting to become one of the trusted countries by many other countries in the world to manage the supply of this biomass fuel.

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Positive Value of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell

Surely there are several reasons why palm kernel shells from Indonesia are one of the best options among the other supplier countries. It was noted that Nigeria is currently the biggest supplied country for most of the biofuel needs in the world. The country produces a huge number of palm kernel shells that benefit to use as the industries fuel. However, this still cannot fulfill the demands in many countries that keep increasing each year. Such as in South East Asian countries that also prefer to use this fuel as the number one option. From these needs, it is the way where the Indonesian palm kernel shell manages to help to supply the neighboring countries. Such as to Malaysia every month. According to the importing countries, they mention that the palm kernel shells supplied by Indonesia contain a various positive value such as:

  • Good Quality

Since the country is in the tropical area, the palm oil tree able to grow well. This leads to a good quality of palm kernel shells too. Therefore, it is no doubt that Indonesian palm kernel shells have the needed quality to works to supply fuel for overseas industries. Whether from the quality of the combustion result and the pollution effect to the air.

  • Constant Supply

With a big number of palm oil tree farming in many islands of Indonesia, it is not a surprise that this country success to manage giving constant supply to other countries every month. Not to mention a big number of resources to work on this field.

  • Economic Cost

With a low cost to run the farm and to manage the resources, Indonesia successfully lead to a very economical cost to produce the needed palm kernel shells that will be converted into biomass fuel. Hence, it is a good choice for those that wish a cheaper option but with almost the same result and less effect on the air quality.

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Ways to Increase Quantity and Quality

As the Indonesia country growing to develop with fast track and good reputation, the country then trying to find out the most suitable ways to increase the quantity and quality of the palm kernel shells supply. Many of the palm oil tree farms then supervise by the government and various program to manage good farming of the palm kernel shells is performed. This also leads Indonesia to develop an organization that able to manage the trade of palm kernel shells to other countries. The organization also manages to control the price and supply every month. Through this control, many of the palm tree farms in all islands of Indonesia able to join as a legal supplier of palm kernel shells overseas.

Some of the ways to help to increase the quality and quantity of this item are by providing suitable information to all the farming around the country. The education about how to perform good farming and how to works with the administration matter of the export process is then informed widely. Therefore, many palm tree farmers then able to market their farming result out of the countries with a quite good market price.

Overall, at the moment, the Indonesian palm kernel shell is still one of the best choices to get by many other countries in the world. Furthermore, it is guaranteed good quality together with the quantity too. Whereas, it is a thing that mostly wishes from other countries in America nor Europe. To use the palm kernel shells, especially those that supply from Indonesia, will give many countries enough benefits such as a low cost. That is why the program is one of the important things to help to support the local farmers. Mainly to help them increase their production and manage to join the official palm kernel shells suppliers.

The Demands of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
21 August, 2021
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