Palm Kernel Shells Price 2020
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Palm Kernel Shells Price 2020
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Palm Kernel Shells Price 2020 – The trade and export-import activity of various commodities around the world is to keep changing every time. The needs, the supply, and all the other factors provide many contributions to commodities trading. Including when we talk about the palm kernel shells price of this year, 2020. There are various factor leads to different price each time. It can be higher, but it also possible to low down. For those that involve in the business and feel a query about the major factors of the price, the next information might be a suitable overview to explain why the price of the shell of palm kernel is kept changing every time.

About Palm Kernel Shells

Firstly, the important thing is to introduce the palm kernel shells itself. Many people that not involved in the industries might never hear about it. But, those that own a business, especially industries have been familiar with this commodity for the long term. Since the number of industries around the world is significantly increasing, the need for suitable fuel to run this industry is also needed. This is the basis why people invent this option as one of the solutions to manage the demands of industrial fuel.

The basic concept of this fuel is by using the combustion result of the shells of palm kernel. It is believing that this combustion process is similar to the combustion process of a wooden pallet. It manages to result in calories that work to be a fuel to run the machine in the industries. With more advantages and less negative impact, this option considers the best alternatives for renewable energy at the moment. For further advantages, the next paragraphs will help to explain more.

The Advantages

There are several advantages if choosing the palm kernel shells as the fuel sources on industries. It was found out that this commodity can provide the following benefits:

Environmental friendly

It has been proven that this shell is more environmentally friendly. It brings no significant waste to the environment. Furthermore, it contains less ash that manages a clearer air for the surrounding area. That is why many industries prefer this method rather than using a wooden pallet.

Enough calories of combustion

The research also shows that the calories from the kernel’s combustion contain the same number of calories with a wooden pallet. It means that this option brings the same value of energy with the wood pellet and manages to work as the same best option to supply fuel for industrial.

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Fast renewable

A shell from the palm kernel is a renewable option. Every several months, a palm oil tree produces its fruit and ends up with remaining shells. Therefore, it is one of the fastest solutions to provide renewable energy that works to supply any industries activities.

Low cost

This alternative is supplied and provided in a low-cost country. Therefore, the price of the shell considers quite cheap compare to the other types of fuel.

Constant supply

Since there are many supplies available around the world, it can make sure that the supply of a shell from palm kernel can be constant. There should be no worry at all for the continuous supply of this option.

Supplier Countries Around the World

For information, there are several countries that manage to supply the commodity every year. There are some top list countries that committed to trade and exporting the shell to many American and European countries. Those countries including as listed below:

  • Nigeria

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Singapore

Factors Affecting Price

There are several major factors that contribute to the overall price of this commodity. Many peoples that not involved in the business might not aware of this. But, in general, the following lists are the major factors on why the price sometimes can be high, but sometimes can be low too. The factors are listed as follows.

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Supply and Demand

It is one of the major factors affecting the price of this commodity. If the supply is limited but the demand is increasing, usually the price can be higher. On the other way, if the supply is widely provided while the demand is less than the overall price of this commodity can be lower.

Currency Rate

The overall price of a commodity is always affected by the currency rate. Especially the currency rate from USD. Therefore, it can be one of the considered factors when deciding to buy the shells. If the USD rate is higher, usually the commodity price can also higher. Since transportation and import cost will be increased.

Global Issues

Any issues related to the global can also affect the price of this commodity. For the moment that global virus COVID 19 is affecting the world’s economy. Due to this kind of issue, usually, the commodity price can be significantly changed. Either it becomes lower, or it might come higher.

Updated Price 2020

Now we come to the most important thing of the information, it is the updated price in the year 2020 for the commodity. According to the current news, the following is the updated price of the shell from the palm kernel.

  • The current price of the commodity from Nigeria is between 110 to 120 USD per metric ton.

  • The current price of the commodity from Indonesia is between 105 to 110 USD per metric ton.

  • The current price of the commodity from Thailand is between 110 to 130 USD per metric ton.

  • The current price of the commodity from Malaysia is between 70 to 90 USD per metric ton.

  • The current price of the commodity from Singapore is between 110 to 120 USD per metric ton.

Those all some information related to palm kernel shells price 2020 including the affecting factors and some preliminary overview of this commodity. By knowing the information above, it is expected that many industries willing to change their fuel preference into that kind of choice. By selecting a better option of fuel, it manages a better environment and manages to keep a high industrial activity too.

Palm Kernel Shells Price 2020
20 August, 2021
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