Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers Association, Task, and Regulatory
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Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers Association, Task, and Regulatory
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Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers Association, Task, and Regulatory – Nowadays, an alternative source for industrial fuel is a preferable choice of various countries in the world. As the availability of the other kind of fuel might be limited, biomass fuel is becoming the major choice of many industries. Not only providing suitable renewable energy, but it also manages a better environment and leads to a minimum risk of air pollution.

One of the choices to help to produce biofuel is through the use of palm kernel shell. That is why a lot of countries with a good potential supply of this shell trying to manage the supply around the world. Including Indonesia that one of the tropical countries with a rich supply of palm oil trees. This lead to the possibility of complying the demands from many countries for palm kernel shell. However, it is important to make sure that all the export-import trade is within the regulation. Furthermore, it also important to maintain a suitable price for both, palm kernel shell suppliers and buyers. Hence, association related to this matter is then developed to give a solution and solving the issues on this matter. For those who wish to get more information about this association, the following paragraphs will give some overview.

The Association

Indonesia is one of the countries that able to provide the needs of palm kernel shells in the world. To arrange with various things related to the export-import process, regulation, and administration, the country then decides to form a suitable association related to palm kernel shell suppliers. It is called APCASI and ASPACASRI. The next paragraph will help to define a slight overview of these two associations, including history, pros, and cons.

Start from APCASI that stands for Asosiasi Pengusaha Cangkang Sawit Indonesia. This is the first association in Indonesia that works to manage and collect all the palm oil tree farmers that willing to sell their shells overseas. This association founded in 2010 and has been served the community for the last 10 years until today. Through this association, the government expected that palm kernel shells price and trade are well controlled. Therefore, it able to bring benefits whether for the small farmers either a big plantation.

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The next association is ASPACASRI, it stands for Asosiasi Pengusaha Cangkang Sawit Riau. This association is developing by May 11th, 2013 in Pekanbaru, Riau. Riau is one of the places in Indonesia with a high supply of palm oil trees and manages to send a big number of palm kernel shell products every month. The area is famous with several palm oil tree farms, whether belongs to the personal farmer or belongs to the company’s plantation. With a big number of palm oil tree industries, the community of palm kernel shell suppliers in Riau manage to control the distribution and supply through the association. Therefore, it is well controlled and the price can also be stable.

The Task of the Association Member

The associations above are made with various major tasks among the organization. Since they were developed to help on many tasks and important matters. Through the association, all the members will able to join and share the trade process. They are also able to control the price to make sure that the overall selling price in the market is stable.

The association also manages to inform the latest regulation and taxes from the government. Therefore, they help to give the latest suitable information for the suppliers to make sure that all the regulation complies before the suppliers plan to export the palm kernel shell. Those that join as the association members can manage to be a trusted supplier since they will officially and legally have listed to the government too. Hence, the association brings quite many benefits for the members.

Regulatory of Palm Kernel Shells Trade

It is not a secret that doing a trade for palm kernel shells in Indonesia shall according to the law and regulation created by the government. That is why it is important that all suppliers from Indonesia need to take concern about the regulations. Some small suppliers might experience difficulties in dealing with this thing. That is why the association help to manage this supplier to make sure that they comply with the regulation and have no issues in selling the commodity legally.

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As the first step in trading this commodity, all suppliers need to understand the regulation and the taxes. The overall price also has been set up to make sure that all suppliers will get the same benefit from the trade process. All trade regulations shall be under Indonesian regulatory that has been set up through the Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, it is important to check all the released regulations from this ministry.

Trade Process of Palm Kernel Shell

Ordinary people that not involved in the palm kernel shell trade might not understand about the process. The same way with a new supplier that try to export their commodities to overseas. As an overview, the trade process of palm kernel shell must be done through the legal association as mention above. The supplier also selling a similar price and count for the tax of each trade. This is why many newcomers feeling difficult to start. Hence, the association can help to explain what to do and how to count all the cost and tax needed when supplying the palm kernel shells. Furthermore, by registered in the association, it will easy to get an official buyer. Plus, the trade itself will be protected under the Indonesian law which helps to avoid loss and potential unwanted crime.

That all information related to the palm kernel shell association. Starting from their task, the regulatory, price, tax, and trade process. Through the information given, it is hoped that all new supplier can include their self into the trade without any issues and problems. So that Indonesian palm kernel shell suppliers will able to export more and lead the country as the biggest supplier in the world. This also means bringing sufficient income to build the country too. Hence, the small steps of the association might result in a big impact on developing the country.

Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers Association, Task, and Regulatory
21 August, 2021
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