Indonesia Palm Kernel Shell
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Indonesia Palm Kernel Shell
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Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell – For many years, Indonesia is one of the countries famous for its natural resources. One of the commodities available in the country is the Indonesian palm kernel shell. This might be not a common concern for several peoples, but many of the overseas industries are interest to know more about this shell. They trying to find out the local distributor and making an agreement to help the supply of the palm kernel to their countries. Surely this is a great fact that proving the quality of the local kernel shell. For more information on these facts, below are some information that needs to know about the Indonesian palm kernel shell.

The Trade History

Flashback to many years ago, where Indonesia provides the various item to be exported across the country. One of the commodities that successfully attract many other countries is the palm kernel shell. The industries outside the country believe that this shell is one of the best bio-energy to help them perform the fabric needs but with less effect on the surrounding environment. Once this biomass is successfully supported many industries outside Indonesia, they begin actively looking for more supply. Especially due to the lack of supply in several countries in South East Asia. Furthermore, other countries such as in Europe or in the USA also decided to import the palm kernel shell from the Indonesia country.

The trade history of this shell has been started many years ago. Mainly since Indonesia has become independent and start to optimize their natural resources to other countries. Through trade with other countries, it helps to lead the Indonesian export activity to become bigger. Continue to the recent years, the export of the palm kernel shell keeps going. This making Indonesia as one of the countries that help to support various industries outside the country though this environmentally friendly fuel.

 The Benefit of Using Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
There are several advantages when using the Indonesian palm kernel shell. Although other similar countries around Indonesia, such as Malaysia or Thailand, also help to support the needs of the palm kernel shell, the country always successfully leads as a good exporter of the commodity. This is due to several benefits of the local palm kernel shell that might be better compared with other countries in South East Asia. For those that never know these benefits, the following lists will help to give some overviews.

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  • Good composition of coal replacement on a boiler fuel. The kernel shell from Indonesia has been proven its overall composition quality, which leads other countries to prefer to get this shell in Indonesia.

  • Less effect on the environment, therefore, many countries prefer this option rather than using other fuels which can lead them to bad air pollution. But, this kernel shell helps to reduce air pollution perfectly when using.

  • The active carbon inside the kernel manages to absorb various matters suitable for industries that care about the environment.

  • Good natural preservatives that help the user to avoid any impact on the environment once the shell is no longer useful.

Common Composition of Local Shell

The next thing that needs to consider is the overall common composition of the Indonesian palm kernel shell. Some peoples might know knowing that actually, this kind of shell consists of the following composition.


The calorie content in the palm shell is quite high which is 4200 cal per kg. The calorie content in the shell or palm shell is what makes it can be used as fuel. Plus, the resulting heat is high and durable. This advantage is what causes palm shells to often be used as alternative energy. Specially to help the production process in an industry.

Moisture content

Palm shells also have content other than calories i.e. water. The water content in the palm shell is 8-11% so the humidity is arguably not very high. Therefore, palm shells can be used as fuel due to the lack of intensity of water content in them so that the palm shell becomes more flammable. The lack of moisture content in the palm shell also eventually makes it more durable.

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Ash content

Ash content in palm shells is about 2-3%. Therefore, this palm shell is considered environmentally friendly. Because the ash levels are relatively small in the palm shell make it does not cause air pollution. In other words, the use of palm shells as fuel can help reduce pollution. That’s why many people like to use palm shells as alternative energy.

Evaporation rate

In palm shells, it is known that the evaporation rate is quite high which is about 69-70%. This condition also causes palm shells to become an environmentally friendly source of energy due to low Sulphur. High evaporation levels also cause palm shells to become more flammable so as to cause the heat of the highest quality.

Activated carbon

In palm shells at least contain activated carbon with a rate of 20-22%. So palm shells can quite absorb carbon dioxide well. Therefore, you can also use palm shells to make charcoal. Because activated carbon itself is basically made of burnt coconut shell charcoal. With a high-temperature intensity, you can find activated carbon in charcoal as a result of combustion. This activated carbon can make palm shells used as charcoal and water purifiers as well as other needs.

Quality of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell

Indonesian palm kernel shell has been famous enough in the many countries of the world. Through the information above, it is clear that this country has been successfully led the market in South East Asia. Thanks for the best quality of its kernel shell that successfully trusted by many other countries. Not to mention for its lower price compares to other countries around. Hopefully, in the future, the country still able to be an amazing place that successfully leads the export of this commodity. Furthermore, it also able to become a good way of producing a better economic impact of the countries.

Indonesia Palm Kernel Shell
20 August, 2021
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