Advantages Of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
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Advantages Of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
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Advantages of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell – Palm kernel shell is one of the solutions that benefit to use as a fuel for many industries around the world. It was noted that the combustion from the palm kernel shell brings many advantages as well as wood pallets. That is why people start to change their option for industrial fuel into this option. Since the needs of palm kernel shells around the world are increasing, many countries try to develop huge palm oil tree plantations and manage to perform an export of this commodity. One of the countries that have successfully supplied many tons of palm kernel shells every year in Indonesia. As one of the South East Asia countries, Indonesia is located in a tropical area which suitable to grow the palm oil tree plantation. That is why many American and European countries decide to get supplies from the Indonesian palm kernel shell to accommodate the needs of the fuel for various industries.

Advantages of Palm Kernel Shell

There are several advantages if the industry chose to use palm kernel shell as the option for their fuel. Including if selecting an Indonesian palm kernel shell. For those that not familiar yet with the benefit, the following lists bring several overviews of the advantages.

  • Environmental Friendly

Compare to other material to produce fuel for industries, palm kernel shell considers more environmentally friendly. This is due to the ash content during the combustion is less than other types of material, such as wood pellets. Therefore, it helps the surrounding air keep clean and neat. Furthermore, it reduces the possibility of any illness for respiratory.

  • Enough Calories

It is a good fact that the palm kernel shell contains numerous content and mineral that benefits the combustion to be quite effective. Research finds that each palm kernel shell contains enough calories as much as other materials such as wood pellets. Even higher, so that the calories from the shell will able to produce enough energy needed by the industries.

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  • Low Cost

One of the interesting things about this option is the low cost than other types of material. Not to mention that the palm kernel shell is easy to renew every time. That is why it is a cheaper option. The low tax and low price of the shell itself helping the overall cost of importing the shell become more cost-effective.

  • Constant Supply

Since many countries in the world have big palm oil tree plantations, the supply of palm kernel shell is well managed. It can give continue supply every year to many industries around the world. As it can renew in fasten time, the supply will not be disturbed and availability can be guarantee.

Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell Quality

As mention before, several countries are listed as palm kernel suppliers in the world. It was noted that African and Asian countries are a list of the countries that manage to export their palm kernel shells into many American and European countries so far. Nigeria is noted as the number one supplier in the world. While Indonesia and Malaysia are noted as the next country that brings thousands of tons of supply every year.

There are several reasons why Indonesia is one of the best suppliers that trusted by many countries. One of the main reasons is the palm kernel shell quality. It was noted that the shell produced from Indonesia contains good calories to perform combustion. Not to mention that the shells from palm kernel also able to store in the long term. That is why choosing an alternative is a good decision to make. This will help the benefit in terms of transportation and from the cost too.

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One of the interesting things in Indonesia is that the trade process or the export-import of palm kernel shells can be reached through the legal association. Therefore, anyone who plans to import the shell from Indonesia shall not feel worried about any issues on the trade. In general, there are two associations in Indonesia. The first one is APCASI that stands for Asosiasi Pengusaha Cangkang Sawit Indonesia. This is the first association in Indonesia that works to manage and collect all the palm oil tree farmers that willing to sell their shells overseas. This association founded in 2010 and has been served the community for the last 10 years until today.

The next association is ASPACASRI, it stands for Asosiasi Pengusaha Cangkang Sawit Riau. This association is developing by May 11th, 2013 in Pekanbaru, Riau. Riau is one of the places in Indonesia with a high supply of palm oil trees and manages to send a big number of palm kernel shell products every month. The area is famous for several palm oil tree farms, whether belongs to the personal farmer or belongs to the company’s plantation.

Palm Kernel Shell Trade

If you’re looking for a safe and legal export-import trade of palm kernel shells in Indonesia, you will need enough information about this thing. Including the process, the price, and many more. To perform the trade is not the same way with common trade. Since any country that’s planning to have a trade agreement will need to perform the agreement under legal association as mention above. This association will manage to connect between buyer and supplier accordingly. Complete with the overall price plus the tax calculation. Therefore, the trade can consider safe and will benefit both parties, buyers and suppliers. This is important to keep the price always be stable too. That is why the trade of palm kernel shells in Indonesia is well coordinated.

Selecting the Indonesian palm kernel shell as a source of energy in industries will bring many advantages as listed above. Therefore, it is a good choice to manage continous import from Indonesia. Those that commit to using palm kernel shells as the fuel option for their industries will guarantee to get a good commitment from this country. Not to mention the good quality and suitable cost to pay. Hence, it shall be not a query to select the Indonesian palm kernel shell.


Advantages Of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell
20 August, 2021
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