8 Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Shells That You Never Know Before
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8 Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Shells That You Never Know Before
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Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Shells – Health is the main thing in life for many people. There are several ways to make sure that people able to keep their health in an optimum way. One of the considered methods for curing any illness possibility is by consuming the palm kernel shells. It might sound weird or not common, but apparently, it is a cheaper and healthier method to try. For those that interest to try, then checking out the benefits below can be a good start. The following lists will help to describe further the benefits including the consumption method.

Avoid Thrombosis

There are several people trust that the palm kernel shells will work to avoid any possibility of experience thrombosis. Especially for pregnant mother that will easily able to experience this problem. By consuming the shells, it is believing that the problems can be reduced, and even better, it can eliminate the thrombosis possibility in the artery. Of course, this will need further research. However, some pregnant mothers trust that the burn shells will lead to an oil that can be consumed to help with arteries health.

A Healthy choice for cooking

Palm kernel shells able to produce oil that works to cook any food. It also found out that this oil will give different taste in the cooking rather than only using an ordinary fried oil. Not to mention that this is a healthier choice to perform. Since the oil from the shells considers able to avoid any arteries problem. Compare with the ordinary fried oil that can lead to high cholesterol and cause problems on the blood vessels. Therefore, choosing to consume the oil from burning shells is an alternative to get a better way of cooking. Furthermore, the oil also selling at some store, but of course, you will find it at a quite expensive price. This is due to the difficult process that might not as easy as the common fried oil.

Remedy for epilepsy

There also some people who believe that the shell also works as a remedy for epilepsy. Every year one from thousands baby was born with the signs of epilepsy. Therefore, it is a common health issue that can be experienced by anyone. Of course, there is some medicine available for curing these health issues. For those that prefer herbal medicine, then this shell is one of the alternatives that can choose to cure the problem. Even though this method needs further confirmation from the medical world, but still it is applying to some people that trust this benefit.

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Support hair growth

The oil burn from the palm kernel shells also works to help with better hair growth. Some of the traditional people cook the shell until it produces their natural oil. Once the oil comes out, then it is kept in a bottle for use. One of the benefits is to manage hair growth. They choose to use the oil into the hair daily and expect that it will help to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair to grow. That is why it is common for the old traditional people to prefer this kind of oil as an alternative rather than selecting a medical shampoo for hair loss.

Avoid Diarrhea

Burning shells also a good way to avoid diarrhea. This is not surprising since a burning shell will be formed into coal. The coal provides mineral content that helps to reduce diarrhea. It works to eliminate bad bacteria inside the stomach and the digestive system. It is believing that coal will contain good bacteria that able to neutralize the stomach symptoms. That is why old traditional people choosing this method to cure any diarrhea. The coal from the burning shell is usually drunk with a glass of water in a form of dusting coal.


Some people believe that palm kernel shells also a good ingredient to help with the anti-aging issues. The extracted oil will help the skin elasticity and manage to avoid any possibility of early aging signs. Furthermore, it helps to provide new skin cells regeneration. Even though this needs further research, but many oil cosmetics were made from the extract shell oil and manage to apply on the skin to avoid the early aging signs.

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Prevent Stretch Mark

Some traditional pregnant woman also wears the produced oil from the shell to avoid the appearance of the stretch mark. This might sound rare, but they believe that the extracted oil from the shell helps to provide an elastic skin which successfully leads to a healthier skin surface. By wearing this oil daily, it helps to avoid any possibility of the stretch mark during the pregnancy. Furthermore, it helps to smooth the skin surface and manage a healthier skin in a healthy way too.


Some people also use the extracted oil of the shells to be natural aromatherapy for massaging. This is due to the burning shells that will lead to a good smell of oil after that. It also a smooth kind of oil that works to help the body feel relaxing. That is why this kind of oil is also advantage to use as an oil massage for better relaxation and feeling. Furthermore, the oil is mix with other fragrances to create a calm ambiance in the room. It also helps to give a relaxing mind that able to eliminate further stress and depression mind.

Those all the health benefits of palm kernel shells that might not know by many people. You even just heard about this information and just realize about this benefit. But, by reading the above information, it is now clear that these shells will able to help to keep your health in economical ways too. Hence, it is a good option to try the shells as an alternative whenever you experience any health issues above. However, always remember to check with your medical representative to make sure that this medical approach.

8 Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Shells That You Never Know Before
21 August, 2021
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