10 Fun Facts of Palm Kernel Shells That You Might Not Believe It
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10 Fun Facts of Palm Kernel Shells That You Might Not Believe It
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Fun Facts of Palm Kernel Shells – The benefit of palm kernel shells might have been known by many peoples. However, they might not aware that there are several fun facts about the shell that can consider weird but also awesome at the same time. Of course, this leads to some curiosity about some peoples. Since not every people aware of this matter plus not anyone knowing about the kernel shells also knowing about their facts. Therefore, if you are also those that want to get to know more, the following bullet points are some fun facts of palm kernel shells that you might not believe it at all.

  • Produce from the fattiest fruit in the world

Whoever knows that palm kernel shells are produced from the fattiest fruit in the world? Commonly fruit is considered fat free and only consists of water or fiber. But, it is different from the palm fruit since it contains calories and fats. This is why palm kernel called as produced from the fattiest fruit in the world. The fat content from the fruit might not be able to find in other fruits. Of course, there are several types of fruit that also contain some fat, but palm fruit considers one of it and if you try to consume the fruit you can get enough energy from its calories and its fat too. However, you also need to know that the fat from a palm kernel is saturated fat. Hence, it is an easy fat to pass the arteries and healthier than other types of fat.

  • Contain several types of acid

If you never know about the palm kernel shells, then you will also not be able to believe that the shells actually contain various types of acid. According to the research, each kernel shell will contain lauric acid, oleic acid, myristic acid, and palmitic acid. This number of acid will bring advantages and benefits to various things. Not only for the biomass necessity but also for other types of needs. Whether for medical and also for other purposes too.

  • Unique color

Some people might not aware that the shells usually have an attractive unique color. If other fruit shells give some dark color, then the shells from the palm fruit id brighter. Mostly the color is yellow to orange color. This makes the shell easy to recognize from the far. It is also interesting that the shells have many fibers around which you might not able to find it in any other fruits. Except in some typical fruits which are in the same family with the palm oil tree.

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  • Bring many advantages

Surely that palm kernel shells able to bring many advantages for the environment and especially for the industries. Many industrial worlds admit the capability of this biomass fuel to produce healthier air and environment. Not to mention that it also works to bring other advantages such as to recycle things and for farm feeding. That is why the shells created m

  • Complete composition

If we look further on each composition of the palm kernel shells, we can see that inside it there are several complete compositions. Especially compared to the other types of fruit or shells. Each palm kernel provides calories, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and many more.

  • Provides various health benefits

Another fun fact about the shells is that it also brings some health benefits to certain diseases. Therefore, many people also trying to get the extract and wish to get an herbal cure from these shells. However, further research is still needed on this matter.

  • Also, benefit for culinary

For a long period, palm kernel shells also advantage for traditional culinary. Especially in Indonesia that has rich types of culinary and foods. The palm oil even able to consume and commonly sell in the local store.

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  • Short cultivation years

It is good to choose to cultivate the palm oil tree since it takes short years to cultivate. This means it also leads to short years to get the fruit and produce the shells. That is why it also a perfect choice for quick and easy renewable biomass fuel for the industries.

  • Tropical plant

You might not realize that actually, the palm oil tree as the source of palm kernel shells consider as a tropical plant. That is why the plant is mostly available along the beach area. However, since Indonesia is categorizing as a tropical country, it leads the palm oil tree available in most areas of this country. It is a good fact that the tree will not be able to grow up well in a cold area. It needs enough sunshine and more suitable for the summer climate.

  • Great as an environmentally friendly fuel

It is no doubt that the shell is a suitable way in performing as an eco-fuel. It has been noted that the shell is one of the official replacement of energy that works better and has no further worst impact in the air. Plus, it is great renewable energy to help many industries run well. That is why selecting the shell as biomass fuel is a perfect choice to perform. Even most of the recent industries prefer this biomass rather than other types of fuel.

Those all the fun facts of palm kernel shells that you might just know and never thought about it. It might also make it difficult to entirely believe this fact either. However, it has been proven that the kernel shells are one of the best options that work as a fuel for industrial with an environmental friendly effect. Therefore, it is one of the sources that still worth considering among any other types of fuel. Especially for Indonesia, it is a good commodity to export and help to lift up the economy inside the country. Plus, it is easy to find alternatives to the energy that mostly available in many islands of Indonesia. So that selecting the shells as the bio-fuel is a great decision to make for these recent times.

10 Fun Facts of Palm Kernel Shells That You Might Not Believe It
21 August, 2021
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