About Us


Tropical BioEnergy is an International Export Trading and Manufacturing Company that has been established since 2018 and is located in Pekanbaru City, Riau Province, Indonesia. Our company is precisely located in the Sumatra island, the center of Palm Plantation in Indonesia that one of the largest oil palm producing islands in Indonesia in addition to Kalimantan or Borneo.

Our Vision :

“Strive to Become the Market Leader of the world’s largest BioEnergy Company”

Our Mission :

  • Providing high quality Tropical Biomass (Palm Kernel Shell and others) products for the Export market,

  • Building The Warehouse & Delivery System with the latest Technology in our Biomass / BioEnergy Stockpile,

  • We strive to provide education on export market demands to our teams and suppliers in order to get quality raw materials,

  • Conducting business development in line with export market demand.

We are The BioEnergy Export Startup Company

We prefer to be called a Startup Company in the Export BioEnergy field. Because our company philosophy is to be the best company not only for the internal company, but also to provide real social impact, for the environment and the wider community of course. Therefore, elements of Information Technology and Industrial Technology must be present in our company today and in the future.

Our Target

Tropical BioEnergy wants to make a relevant target in 2020, to expand its business and international trade relations by opening export routes for Biomass products to Japan, China, Europe and the Middle East. Hopefully this can be made easier and given the smooth running of everything. We will certainly be open and happy to receive questions, opportunities, business cooperation from one or all of them including technology companies, project developers, NGOs, investors, government agencies and entrepreneurs. Please contact to our Email: export.cvmap@gmail.com


Although it is still a relatively new company, we are currently providing business facilities with adequate technology in accordance with good Manufacturing Practices Standards. In the future, we will strive to invest heavily in our infrastructure with a long-term vision to ensure that everything that comes out of our facilities is consistently of the highest quality.


We work directly with almost any manufacturer or first hand supplier, to procure or manufacture the highest quality. Our team directs them to good industry practice. And then our control starts from the supply chain to ensure consistency in maintaining high quality standards in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.